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“With the help of Aboa’s flexibility, creativity and experience, we build an experience that strengthens your brand and that of your organisation.”

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Aboa Congress & Event

Aboa’s experts tailor-make your event to ensure success

Aboa looks after all the details necessary for organising and holding a successful event. We offer and tailor-make packages including, for example, event venues, accommodation, travel, activities and mobile meeting applications.

If you wish to organise the event yourself, and only need help with some of the details, we are of course happy to look after those.

Do you need help with:

  • Congresses, conferences and seminars
  • Meetings and workshops
  • Dinners, parties and activities
  • Event communication and websites
  • Mobile meeting applications

Contact us to discuss how we can help you!

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Advice and consultation

Are you planning to host an event and wondering how best to organise it? Contact Aboa, and we will share our expertise to help you move forward with the planning. We would be happy to give you a quote on our services.

Are you planning to host an international congress or an academic event? Are you competing to act as host with other universities? The Turku Convention Bureau supports you throughout the application process and the creation of your bid. We can also assist with presentation materials and site inspections. This service is free of charge.

Project management

Aboa’s project managers work closely with the organisers and take responsibility for the practical matters before, during and after the event. In this way, the organiser can focus on the event’s content, e.g. the scientific programme for the congress.

Aboa’s team helps the project manager arrange the event. The project Manager’s responsibilities include:

  • preparing the timetable and event plan
  • budgeting, monitoring and reporting
  • coordinating the work
  • following up the timetable
  • negotiations with subcontractors and exhibitors/sponsors
  • evaluation
The Project Team is primarily responsible for:

  • marketing and communication
  • participant administration
  • abstract management
  • hotel bookings
  • financial administration

Marketing and communication services

We offer wide-ranging services in the fields of marketing, communication and visual design.

  • marketing and communication plan
  • visual design and layout
  • website (design, maintenance and updates)
  • marketing, communication and congress materials
  • marketing and communication arrangements
  • event applications
  • event communication
  • photography/filming/streaming

Participant administration

We handle registrations and confirmations as well as changes and queries from participants and invited lecturers:

  • registrations and confirmations, changes and cancellations
  • payments for participant fees and accommodation costs (receipt, accounting, checking, collection and repayment)
  • communication with participants (e.g. invitations, reminders, info letters, welcomes)
  • communication with invited lecturers (e.g. programmes and schedules, travel information, travel invoices)
  • participant lists for organisers and other parties involved
  • name tags
  • receipts and certificates
  • acquisition of any materials for participants
  • collection of feedback, evaluations and reports

Booking of meeting venue, catering and technology

We would be happy to help you find the right venue and to book:

  • meeting venue
  • catering
  • technology
  • decoration

Hotel and travel bookings

Aboa cooperates actively with hotels in the region and has good relations with them, which means we can guarantee the best possible accommodation for participants.

  • negotiations and agreements with hotels
  • advance booking of hotel rooms
  • hotel bookings
  • regular contact with the hotels, e.g. cancellations and name changes
  • travel arrangements
  • logistics at the event location

Social events

Social events such as welcome meetings, banquets, activities and excursions play an important role in a congress.

  • planning of programme, entertainment and dinner menus
  • practical arrangements and communication e.g. with restaurants

Abstract management

Aboa offers an efficient and user-friendly web-based abstract management service. The person responsible for abstracts at Aboa manages:

  • the administration of the abstract system
  • instructions for submitting abstracts
  • receiving and registering abstracts
  • sending abstracts for evaluation
  • contact with presenters of abstracts
  • publication

Poster exhibition

  • booking of poster boards
  • contact with poster exhibitors
  • exhibitor plan

Sponsors and exhibitions

The project manager supports the sponsoring process, which can give financial support for the event. Our services include:

  • planning sponsorship packages
  • mailings and presentations about various sponsor options and packages
  • signing contracts and invoicing
  • contact with potential sponsors and exhibitors
  • exhibitor plan and equipment for stands

Financial services

Aboa can administer the finances of the congress, i.e. continuously control and monitor expenses and revenues.

  • Budgeting and monitoring
  • Invoicing and payment of invoices
  • Accounting, reports and follow-up

Service Desk

Aboa’s representatives are present during the congress. Thanks to our long experience, we can act quickly and efficiently if a situation arises that might cause problems.

We take responsibility for the practical matters:

  • registration
  • coordination of suppliers and exhibitors
  • technology

Feedback and evaluation

We also look after the collection of feedback and evaluate, together with the organiser, whether the goals set were achieved.

How does cooperation with a professional event planner such as Aboa benefit you as an organiser?
  • an inspiring event concept
  • versatile, top-quality products and services
  • wide-ranging experience of event production
  • a clear project plan with definite division of responsibilities
  • flexible event and project management tools
  • continuous financial monitoring
  • a dedicated project manager who is your contact from the start of the project to the evaluation
  • a versatile event team, which is also present during the event
And how does this benefit the participants?
  • smooth and flexible service
  • easy registration and clear confirmation
  • continuous information